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33 votes

In the US why is nationalism equated with racism?

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Why does Spain's government want to increase the minimum wage by such a large percentage at once?

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How could I build a political system immune to gerrymandering yet still giving local representation?

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Why is the intellectual consensus in the UK to prefer state-controlled philanthropy?

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Does currency exist in communism?

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Why aren't Americans simply called "Americans"?

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What reasons are there for a Capitalist to oppose a 100% inheritance tax?

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Are Common External Tariff levels in the EU agreed via qualified majority voting or unanimity?

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What is the logic behind charging tax _in the form of money_ for owning property when the property does not produce money?

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What are the political or business connections of Parnas and Fruman in the former USSR countries?

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What do you call it when everyone gets an equal vote on how taxes are spent?