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8 votes

Why is communism considered as evil (like fascism and nazism) in the United States?

7 votes

Palestinian politicians speaking against Hamas

6 votes

Has any elected Jewish politician of Israel expressed support for a single state solution while or before elected?

6 votes

Does Republican Nikki Haley speak any Indian languages?

5 votes

Why are mandatory ultrasounds considered problematic by abortion rights activists?

4 votes

Does Israel control where its own Arab Citizens can buy land?

3 votes

Is overturning Citizens United part of the Green Party Platform?

1 vote

Does Israel offer relocation or compensation to evicted Palestinians?

1 vote

What does this mean "upending standard committee rules"?

-2 votes

Did Iraq declare outright support for Hamas after Oct 7?

-5 votes

What is the historical basis of Israeli and Palestinian claims to the land that is now under Israeli control?