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19 votes

Why hasn't competition between health insurance providers led to lower prices for consumers?

17 votes

Is there any rule or law stopping Bernie Sanders from running as a third party candidate?

10 votes

Is there an explanation for why ~20% of Americans think the US's response to COVID-19 has been better than South Korea's?

10 votes

Why is there a significant difference between religious makeup of the legislative body and that of adult population in US?

9 votes

Would anything stop a technology company from shutting down in protest of government regulations?

8 votes

Why don't all States switch to all postal voting?

8 votes

What is the point in delaying the signing of legislation that the President supports?

8 votes

Non-anarchists often say the existence of prisons deters violent crime. How it is then that the USA is so high in violent crime?

7 votes

Why is there no push towards an American ID card?

5 votes

What is the purpose of an inheritance tax when inheritance could be taxed like other income?

5 votes

Could a US political party gain complete control over the government by removing checks & balances?

5 votes

Why are masks a political topic in the US?

4 votes

Why would the Senate adopt such tiring impeachment trial rules?

2 votes

What is a successful policy against lobbying in a democratic country?

0 votes

Why don't most elected officials assume office right after the election result is confirmed?

-3 votes

Could a government make so much money from investments they can stop charging taxes?