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Why doesn’t the IRS just send me a bill for the taxes I owe based on the info they already have?
17 votes

Aside from the fact of political interests, there is: The IRS does not want you to know what they know about you. This is a means to keep you honest about anything they may potentially be unaware of. ...

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Why is globalisation so disdained?
10 votes

Besides the economic issues that the other answers describe well are the cultural issues. Like with any modernization, elements from the past are diminished, lost, forgotten, and people will be lament ...

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What caused the tendency for conservatives to not support climate change regulations?
0 votes

The Republican National Committee has a pro-fossil fuel stance. Now, we might ascribe various true motivations behind this that others detail very well, but it also helps to see what they argue as ...

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Why don't the Democrats make a deal to give Trump his border wall in exchange for campaign finance reform?
0 votes

Another reason: whenever a republican votes for something that would raise taxes, that is almost guaranteed to haunt them come election season. Especially in the primaries. Likewise, voting for this ...

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