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got trolled too much this week
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155 votes

Why is it a bad idea to hire a hitman to eliminate most corrupt politicians?

108 votes

Have any other US presidents used that tiny table?

103 votes

During the COVID-19 pandemic, why is it claimed that the US President is making a trade-off of human lives for the economy?

87 votes

Why does US tend to have rather old leaders (> 60) while more and more European countries have young ones (<40)?

86 votes

Why does US confirm conducting strikes such as the one that targeted Qassem Soleimani?

85 votes

What are the arguments in favour of Brexit?

81 votes

Why do European cities have so many homeless and beggars despite its high-tax welfare system?

80 votes

Why is Trump dubbing COVID-19 as the "Chinese virus" considered offensive, while many past epidemics have had similar naming schemes?

77 votes

Is Communism intrinsically authoritarian?

71 votes

Has any of the US federal armed forces acted violently against civil movements / protesters?

69 votes

Why is the United States voluntarily funding the World Health Organization 60 times more than China?

67 votes

Why allow convicted criminals to vote?

66 votes

Why didn't the US just complement Russia's security demands to avoid the invasion of Ukraine?

65 votes

Why is the fact that Ukraine President Zelenskyy publicly stated that Trump didn't pressure him whatsoever being ignored?

64 votes

Why did postal voting favour Joe Biden so much?

62 votes

Have Georgia election officials offered an explanation for the alleged "smoking gun" at the State Farm Arena?

59 votes

Is the US unusually prone to walking away from signed treaties/accords?

59 votes

Why did Israel vote against lifting the American embargo on Cuba?

58 votes

Why must Chinese maps be obfuscated?

58 votes

Is the proposal to create a US Space Force being taken seriously?

58 votes

Why would the Senate adopt such tiring impeachment trial rules?

57 votes

Why don't countries revoke an IS fighter's citizenship arguing they have become citizens of IS?

54 votes

Could a US political party gain complete control over the government by removing checks & balances?

53 votes

Is President-elect Biden the first to create an "Office of the President-Elect" set?

53 votes

Why has Donald Trump's popularity remained so stable over a rather long period of time?

53 votes

Why do so many Russians approve of Joseph Stalin's regime?

51 votes

Is Iran considered a democracy by the Western world?

50 votes

Why isn't the CDU / FDP / AFD a viable coalition government in Germany (2021)?

49 votes

What would happen if an American state didn’t follow a ruling by the Supreme Court?

48 votes

Can only rich people become president of the US?

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