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Senior Developer at Raisely. Online fundraising for ambitious campaigns 😎

Co-Founder of Climate Conversations. Building the widespread support needed to act decisively on the climate crisis, one circle of friends at a time.

I'm a polymath focusing my energy on a society that cares for and lifts up our neighbours so that we can prosper together.

Beginning my career as a software engineer, in 2009 I turned to the non-profit sector seeking to make a positive impact for people & the planet. With my IT background, I was always called on to help out with technology and was deeply unsatisfied with the tech used by non-profits and the amount of time my peers had to sink into wrangling inadequate systems. In 2017 I returned to software development to use my experience to build software that would truly serve the amazing people that choose to dedicate their lives to making the world a better place.

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