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150 votes

Why hasn't competition between health insurance providers led to lower prices for consumers?

124 votes

Why do populists and dictators sometimes lie so ridiculously that it's obvious it's untrue?

83 votes

Why does there seem to be a lack of conservative comedy and comedy-news compared to liberal?

82 votes

Why are many college towns so Democratic?

61 votes

Does the United States guarantee any unique freedoms?

60 votes

Why did the House not call every witness suggested to them during the 2019-2020 Impeachment inquiry?

55 votes

Why do ex-government employees have security clearances?

50 votes

What is the rationale behind making it illegal to hand out water to voters in line in Georgia?

47 votes

Who "spent four years refusing to accept the validity of the [2016] election"?

47 votes

Why is Hunter Biden's testimony in the impeachment trial relevant?

45 votes

Why is Elizabeth Warren's Native American ancestry a political issue?

42 votes

Why don't all States switch to all postal voting?

41 votes

Why has no one requested the tape of the Trump/Ukraine call?

41 votes

What benefit is there to pulling out of the presidential race before Super Tuesday?

40 votes

Why isn't demilitarization used as a defensive strategy?

32 votes

Why are democracy and liberalism correlated?

30 votes

Why was ambassador Sondland involved in Ukraine?

28 votes

What does Brett Kavanaugh mean with "revenge on behalf of the Clintons"?

27 votes

What do Democrats have to gain, politically, by preventing Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme Court?

27 votes

What is the purpose of the House investigation of what happened at the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6th 2021?

25 votes

Why does the media continue to hide the identity of the Trump-Ukraine whistle blower when they have already been outed?

25 votes

Has a world leader been laughed at while addressing the UN General Assembly before?

25 votes

How would a libertarian model address widely spread negative externalities (such as CFCs)?

23 votes

Long term, does Trump's wall cost more than it saves per year?

21 votes

Why do the people (through their representatives) pay for the police officers' transgressions against the people?

20 votes

Why aren't Republicans more focused on mobilizing a movement towards 'dethroning' Trump?

19 votes

Why are there so many Republican governors?

19 votes

Did any Muslim majority countries express an official position about the treatment of Muslims in China?

16 votes

What happened in the Hunter Biden's laptop controversy?

14 votes

Is there a reason to have 2 or more witnesses at the same time during the current impeachment hearings

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