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91 votes

Why has Venezuela's economy collapsed when Cuba's has not?

63 votes

What are the downsides of being a debt-free country (no foreign national debt)?

21 votes

Has anyone attempted to scientifically determine whether MSNBC or Fox News is more biased?

20 votes

Why is Trump dubbing COVID-19 as the "Chinese virus" considered offensive, while many past epidemics have had similar naming schemes?

14 votes

Why aren't the Congressional limits on press coverage during the Trump impeachment trial considered a breach of the first amendment?

6 votes

Why are Republicans (unlike Democrats) heavily criticized for their flip-flopping regarding the 2016/2020 US supreme court justice nominations?

5 votes

Why don't all States switch to all postal voting?

5 votes

How far can gerrymandering go?

3 votes

Why do US police use handcuffs in otherwise calm, non-violent circumstances?

2 votes

Is the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact constitutional?