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4 votes

Why are a nation's stated objectives often ignored in international politics?

1 vote

Why does a high number of capital punishments often attract international criticism?

22 votes

Exit strategies for the Ukraine war

5 votes

What are the safeguards, set by the US military, to reduce the risk of committing war crimes?

40 votes

Is there any value for Russians in completely eliminating the Ukrainian resistance at Azovstal, Mariupol?

5 votes

Bombing Ukraine president location

3 votes

Why is Russia not using nuclear weapons against Ukraine?

2 votes

How do political leaders decide what to do next in a crisis?

1 vote

Why is China so hostile to the western world?

84 votes

Why is "Whataboutism" often criticized?

3 votes

What exactly are the stated (political AND military) objectives of the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine?

5 votes

What did Zelensky mean when he says Ukraine should have security guarantee?

7 votes

Was the West supporting certain sides in the two Chechen wars?

0 votes

Are there any strategic reasons that Russian authorities would allow indiscriminate killing of Ukrainian civilians?

5 votes

Minimizing civilian casualties during the siege of Mariupol?

16 votes

How could the past NATO expansions in Eastern Europe be seen as justification of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022?

-2 votes

Is there any evidence or report of a genocide in the Donbass region?

7 votes

What is the rationale of Russian troops not allowing civilians to evacuate from the encircled cities?

20 votes

Could Putin be impeached?

13 votes

Why is Reuters considered as an independent and unbiased political news source?

3 votes

Does Japan have the capability of manufacturing nuclear weapons in a short period of time?

5 votes

Which countries have oil stockpiles?

7 votes

Why is the president of Ukraine giving up on NATO membership this early in the war?

11 votes

Why would Russia care about NATO troops on its borders if it has nuclear weapons?

15 votes

How can Putin save face?

5 votes

Why doesn't U.S. use "strategic ambiguity" on whether or not to send troops to Ukraine just like they do for the Taiwan situation?

2 votes

Concretely speaking, what is at stake for Ukranians during the current Ukraine-Russia conflict?

12 votes

Is it first time in history that ongoing war was halted for few hours to evacuate people?

9 votes

Why is a country like Poland that is vehemently anti-refugee so accommodating to people of Ukraine?

10 votes

Serbia will not impose sanctions against Russia, why?