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Why is equality such a widely accepted political goal?
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The entire social contract tradition on which most modern forms of government are based depends on equality of certain rights. The Declaration of Independence states it rather clearly We hold ...

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What enables ~30k ISIS fighters to compete with ~190k peshmerga, & others?
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I think there are two points which you haven't taken into account. 1) The Peshmerga suffered some early defeats during which IS took over portions of Kurdistan. But this was shortly after the ...

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Who are early critics of democracy?
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"Democracy in America" by Alexis de Tocqueville is a classic criticism of the American system of representative democracy. He is responsible for coining the phrase 'tyranny of the majority'. ...

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Long Term Studies on Class Mobility?
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After posting this question, I received the February 1st - 7th edition of the Economist. In it there happen to be two articles on long term studies of class mobility. The First Article The first ...

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