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115 votes

Why haven't the British protested Brexit as ardently as the Hong Kong protesters?

102 votes

Why hasn't the U.S. government paid war reparations to any country it attacked?

97 votes

Is there a term for someone whose preferred policies are a mix of left and right?

75 votes

Seen from Europe, why is there a hard separation between Republicans and Democrats in the US?

74 votes

Why isn't there a serious attempt at creating a third mass-appeal party in the US?

64 votes

What is capitalism's answer to constant economic growth hitting the limit of the planet's finite resources?

63 votes

Why, in the US, are politicians tried by other politicians?

59 votes

Instead of a Universal Basic Income program, why not implement a "Universal Basic Needs" program?

58 votes

Is there a push, in the United States, to use gender-neutral language and gender pronouns (when they are given)?

57 votes

Why is there no willingness in the international community to step in between Pakistan and India?

51 votes

Why does the "Tanks for Ukraine" discussion focus on the Leopard 2?

48 votes

Why aren't nationalizations in Russia described as socialist?

47 votes

What's the rationale behind the objections to these measures against human trafficking?

44 votes

If Trump gets impeached, how long would Pence be president?

41 votes

Why is there no push towards an American ID card?

39 votes

Two Germanys and two Koreas but only one China. Why wasn't a compromise to internationally recognise both Chinas reached?

37 votes

Why is the US constitution so set in stone and immobile, leading to inevitable anachronisms with the modern world?

34 votes

Is there a way that Congress could secretly vote on approving a potential war?

33 votes

Why is Russia still welcome on the ISS despite geopolitical tensions?

30 votes

What can US senators do against diversity trainings in the US Army?

26 votes

What is the origin of the fears of racism associated with facial recognition technology?

25 votes

Why aren't any countries trying to create a neo-democracy/ alternate system of government?

22 votes

Why has Donald Trump's approval rating been rising since impeachment processes started?

22 votes

Why do presidential pardons exist in a country having a clear separation of powers?

20 votes

Why is a border wall such a polarising issue in American politics?

18 votes

Is Communism intrinsically authoritarian?

17 votes

What are the motivations for being against the latest House Bill on Gun Reform?

16 votes

Can Congress end the government shutdown without the President's agreement?

16 votes

Could a US political party gain complete control over the government by removing checks & balances?

16 votes

How do Republicans explain their lack of support among minority voters?