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27 votes

Can I (a random person in the world) be prosecuted under the new Hong Kong security law?

6 votes

Can a country take over another?

5 votes

How does the inclusion of Finland in NATO make it difficult for Russia to use Kaliningrad to dominate the Baltics?

4 votes

Why do Americans consider Biden to be too old for president, but not Trump?

3 votes

Why is India diverting its resources to build its second mission to Mars?

3 votes

Is there any Western country that may confiscate all personal property as criminal punishment to white collar crimes?

3 votes

Do any countries have a pensions system funded entirely by past contributions, rather than current taxes?

2 votes

Why are Democrats mostly focused on increasing healthcare spending, rarely mentioning any proposals for decreasing the costs of healthcare services?

1 vote

Why is there no willingness in the international community to step in between Pakistan and India?

0 votes

How could China have extradited people for political reason under the extradition law it wanted to pass in Hong Kong?

0 votes

In most U.S. states, female genital mutilation is illegal. So why is male circumcision legal?

-6 votes

Why are countries consistently ranked across "nice" lists?