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Does IAEA conduct spot checks / surprise visits at Iranian nuclear facilities?
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At the moment, no. As part of the 2015 JCPOA the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) did conduct inspections of Iranian nuclear facilities, including unannounced snap inspections. Since Trump ...

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Why is there widespread support for suspending Freedom of Assembly during the pandemic, but not for suppressing privacy?
5 votes

The answer is likely to be different for everyone who feels this way, but there are some differences that could explain the different attitudes: How essential are the measures to the goal? It is ...

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Why doesn't India mass-produce COVID-19 vaccines?
4 votes

Other answers explain why production of the current intellectually encumbered vaccines have not been scaled up at a level that meets current demand. A deeper question is: Why are all the approved ...

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What interventions could decrease the price of Bitcoin?
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Break Bitcoin: As mentioned in your link, nearly 80% of bitcoin mining occurs in China. If the authorities were able to persuade nearly 2 in 3 of those miners to join a pool controlled by these ...

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