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Is any country allowed to purchase conventional arms from North Korea?

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Why don't national leaders wear their national costume more often?

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Is there an EU law that prevents repair of electrical devices?

5 votes

Why does the Scottish National Party object to being called nationalist?

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Why is it important for Israel that Palestine not be connected by land with Jordan?

4 votes

Is there any European Union country that had or have a "debt brake" similar to Germany?

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How are levelling seats allocated in Scandinavian elections?

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Why does US tend to have rather old leaders (> 60) while more and more European countries have young ones (<40)?

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Are there any heads of state who are dual citizens?

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What countries require a supermajority for budget approval?

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Are there any proposals for a significant electrification of US railroads?

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Why make large dense investigative reports for public release if there are significant barriers to understand them?

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Is there a way that Congress could secretly vote on approving a potential war?

7 votes

What is the international law to preserving the cultural sites?