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7 votes

Was any other sovereign wealth fund hit by sanctions in the past?

4 votes

Why do Poland and Lithuania push for NATO membership for Ukraine instead of sending troops to Ukraine directly?

0 votes

What were the avoidable strategic mistakes that led to the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine?

33 votes

Why are American liberals more prone to in-fighting than conservatives?

-3 votes

What can be the reasons or advantages for Russia's candid admission of their own fighter dropping ordnance over Belgorod instead of blaming Ukraine?

1 vote

How politically aligned with Moscow has the Russian Orthodox Church's position on the Russo-Ukrainian War been since it started in 2014?

13 votes

What evidence has the ICC relied on in ordering the arrest of the President of Russia?

17 votes

Why is the ICC focusing on the transfer of war orphans to Russia rather than Russia's much more obvious crimes in Ukraine?

26 votes

Is an ICC warrant sufficient to override diplomatic immunity in signatory nations?

42 votes

What's the point of issuing an arrest warrant for Putin given that the chances of him getting arrested are effectively zero?

35 votes

Why did Ukraine abstain from the UNHRC vote on China?

1 vote

Why did Russia join the World Trade Organization so late?

6 votes

Why is sending troops different from sending military equipment?

6 votes

What pronouncements, if any, has Zelenskyy made concerning treatment and due process for suspected and actual collaborators?

3 votes

Is there a rating of countries by cyberattacks amount being launched?

3 votes

Any concrete information about Ukrainian reforms, necessary for NATO?

3 votes

Why hasn’t Ukraine joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)?

18 votes

Why is support for parties so low in Belarus?

69 votes

Why is the lab leak theory of Covid discussed so prominently?

77 votes

Why did the US block a UN statement calling for violence to stop in the Palestine-Israel conflict?

28 votes

Has the Israeli supreme court ever come to a decision that can be seen as pro-Palestine or pro-Arab/anti-Israel/-Jew?

6 votes

What regions do Yukhari, Yukhari Karabakh, Upper Karabakh, and Nagorno Karabakh refer to, respectively?

5 votes

Have governments used (or currently use) propaganda to undermine health in hostile countries?

23 votes

What's the political reason that acknowledging genocide is such a 'big deal'?

3 votes

A question on Motor Sich of Ukraine

12 votes

Decoding certain customized annotations in political signage, do these symbols have any emerging specific connotations?

3 votes

Thai Government Policy On Foreign Ownership of Land

9 votes

Did Loefller or other any other senator sign the objection to Georgia's certificate and then withdraw it, or did they not sign it in the first place?

4 votes

Is there a way for the EU except for Hungary and Poland to use Pandemic Relief Funds without approval coming from Hungary and Poland?

45 votes

Why are people protesting against Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett?

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