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Why is there so much reluctance to make the COVID vaccine mandatory for adults?
5 votes

I suspect the government won't have to make it mandatory because workplaces will do the job for them by implementing policies that essentially say: 'You can't work here unless you are vaccinated'. ...

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Why do Pakistani and Bangladeshi Hindus frequently move across the borders but Indian Dalit Hindus don't?
3 votes

They are not permitted to cross the line dividing their part of a village to that of a higher caste, so crossing a border would be completely out of the question. Remember, these people are the lowest ...

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Why doesn't the U.S. ban or regulate cryptocurrency to stop it being used by other countries to evade U.S. sanctions?
Accepted answer
2 votes

The US certainly is moving in the direction of regulation. Senior officials at a handful of U.S. financial regulatory agencies are exploring new ways to regulate the cryptocurrency market but have yet ...

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Would Obama viewing Trump's tax returns be seen as overstepping his authority?
-12 votes

The quest to see Trump's tax returns is nothing but political theatre. The only reason anyone would want to see them is to confirm whether there is any illegal activity or not. However it's not Obama'...

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