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61 votes

Why is it that South Africa specifically is taking Israel to the ICJ on claims of genocide?

35 votes

Why doesn't Israel withdraw from the territories occupied during the Six-Day War of 1967?

21 votes

Are any countries claiming that their humanitarian aid for Gaza is being declined by Israel?

6 votes

US electoral opposition to Biden support of Israel: have any (pro-Palestine) politicians flagged the risk of the (Trump) alternative?

4 votes

Have any Israeli leaders condemned calls for genocide and expulsion?

4 votes

Which Democratic members of Congress continue to support US military aid to Israel?

3 votes

Stéphane Séjourné said that the Jewish state should not be accused of genocide. Is there any legal basis or support from politicians?

3 votes

How much food is currently available in Gaza?

2 votes

What options (short of abdication) might a Queen or King of England have to avoid giving royal assent, formally turning a bill into law?

1 vote

Are there any indications what the stance of a future Trump administration would be towards Gaza?

-2 votes

How serious is the uncommitted movement against Biden's Gaza policy?

-3 votes

Why does the U.S. seek to establish a demilitarized Palestinian state?

-4 votes

Why is the Muslim world focusing on Israel's conflict with the Palestinians, yet expresses virtually no interest in the Uighurs?