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31 votes

Does Yemen have the right under international law to close Bab El Mandeb strait?

22 votes

Is there any other Republican who is against a TikTok ban?

19 votes

In the US, are there laws that discriminate against men the same way as in other countries?

18 votes

If all of Trump's opponents drop out and then the supreme Court rules he is ineligible who becomes the nominee?

13 votes

Did any country in the G20 not condemn the Iranian drone & missile attack on Israel?

11 votes

How can Quebec restrict immigration if it's part of Canada?

11 votes

Is there any precedent of the Russian president skipping a debate during the presidential elections?

10 votes

What motives would Democrats have to vote either in favor or against vacating Mike Johnson's speakership if a motion to vacate were voted on?

9 votes

Have other countries (besides Iraq) issued arrest warrants for some [former] US presidents?

7 votes

How would the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact handle non-FPTP elections?

5 votes

Is there a realpolitik reason why the D.C. Circuit is sometimes specified in laws as the place of review/challenge for some matters?

4 votes

Are campus protesters anti war or pro war protesters?

4 votes

Can a "minority" party elect, or at least choose the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives?

3 votes

When was the last time the G7 invited many guest countries?

2 votes

Is there any other country that used grey-zone warfare in the 21st century?

1 vote

What happens if a bill passes the House with a provision that sunsets before the Senate hears it?

0 votes

Companies carrying out private investigations and prosecutions

-1 votes

Are there any pro-Israel/anti-Palestinian conspiracy theories?