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15 votes

Can members of the US Congress lie during debate without penalty?

11 votes

Why doesn’t the IRS just send me a bill for the taxes I owe based on the info they already have?

10 votes

Why does the Black Lives Matter movement organize protests while the incident they're protesting is still under investigation?

7 votes

Does the German President Steinmeier's apology for WWII reflect the prevailing views of the people of Germany?

6 votes

Could the POTUS cancel any amount of student debt without approval of the US Congress?

5 votes

Can the current President of the United States block the transfer of their office to the next elected president?

4 votes

Undemocratic systems that shift from democratic systems without violence

4 votes

Interpretation of "right" and "left"

3 votes

Why robert's rules need a second?

2 votes

Is there anything judicial that can prevent Trump from taking part in the 2024 elections?

1 vote

Why do candidates not quit if they no longer have a realistic chance to win in the 2020 US presidents election

1 vote

What power do minority parties have in state legislatures?

1 vote

Does gerrymandering not affect elections for US Senators?

0 votes

Why is counting election totals more difficult than lottery administration?

0 votes

How can Republicans who favour free markets, consistently express anger when they don't like the outcome of that choice?

0 votes

Have politicians led recall campaigns?

0 votes

In 2016, why did the GOP win the House popular vote while Clinton won the popular vote?

-2 votes

Why aren't the Alabama Constitution's anachronistic parts removed?