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89 votes

Why is the British government so determined to arrest Julian Assange?

51 votes

In the Weimar Republic what was the role of the people sitting on the left side of the speaker?

34 votes

Why do dictators ban their people from traveling?

31 votes

Why doesn't South Korea give up its claim on North Korea?

30 votes

Why would Madrid be so insistent on preventing the Catalonian independence referendum?

26 votes

Why do some European countries provide free higher education to foreigners?

24 votes

Why allow convicted criminals to vote?

22 votes

How can EU/USA consider Russian presidential elections legitimate if non-Russian citizens in Crimea will be able to take part in them?

20 votes

What is currently stopping the most developed states from completely abandoning cash?

19 votes

Is 'identity politics' vs 'freedom of speech' a valid dichotomy?

15 votes

Why didn't Western countries boycott the 2018 World Cup?

12 votes

Why would NATO not defend its members against Russia?

10 votes

In the US why is nationalism equated with racism?

8 votes

What's the difference between affirmative action and racism?

7 votes

Why is "president for life" in China such a big deal?

6 votes

Why does Erdogan hate Bashar Al Assad?

6 votes

How can someone avoid being labeled as an extremist when criticizing often discriminated political entities?

6 votes

Is there any democratic non-secular state?

4 votes

How deep below ground does sovereignty extend?

3 votes

What rationales were given for prohibiting Holocaust denial?

3 votes

Is there a recent example of a constitutional court decision limiting presidential powers within Europe?

2 votes

International opinion on the fall of the USSR

2 votes

Why doesn't the EU encourage anonymity rather than creating rules about handling personal data?

1 vote

Why is there so little support for the Minority SafePack in Western European countries, despite them supposedly being pro-multiculturalism?

0 votes

Non-subjective definition of "terrorist", or widely used equivalent term?

0 votes

Why doesn't the USA allow all countries to have nuclear weapons?