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116 votes

What could Trump hope to gain from a *second* Georgia "recount"?

69 votes

Why are separate bathrooms for men and women not in violation of the rejection of "separate but equal"?

57 votes

Was Silicon Valley Bank's failure due to "Trump-era deregulation", and/or do Democrats share blame for it?

21 votes

What are possible explanations for why Democratic states appear to have higher homeless rates per capita than Republican states?

20 votes

How many people are in favor of legalizing marijuana, but have no intention of ever smoking it?

19 votes

What do woke and cancel groups call themselves?

12 votes

What checks exist against overuse of presidential pardons in the USA?

7 votes

What is the purpose of listing sex on an identification card?

7 votes

Reasons given by free market advocates against a carbon tax?

6 votes

Why not have a wealth dependent income tax?

5 votes

What policy arguments do people make in favor of legalizing marijuana?

4 votes

How do Republicans explain their lack of support among minority voters?

3 votes

Why do Republicans want to break up Facebook?

2 votes

What are the objections to implementing a flat rate income tax in the United States?

2 votes

What will be the effect of a Bitcoin tax?

2 votes

Does the US have plans to protect its IT critical infrastructure in case of war against China?

2 votes

Could a US President abuse their pardon powers to unilaterally make laws?

2 votes

Why does the Trump-Zelensky phone call matter?

1 vote

Is there pervasive racial bias in United States policing?

1 vote

What purpose do anti-Polygamy laws serve?

0 votes

Is there a link between democracy and economic prosperity?

0 votes

Why can't I register with multiple political parties?

-1 votes

How do unpopular policies arise in democracies?