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19 votes

If I register for a party and vote in its primaries, am I obligated to vote for the same party in the general elections?

18 votes

Could a US citizen born through "birth tourism" become President?

18 votes

Has the freedom of speech been compromised in the US by social media companies banning Trump?

14 votes

Why don't national leaders wear their national costume more often?

9 votes

Why should there not be witnesses in the 2020 impeachment trial?

5 votes

Paying people not to vote at all

4 votes

Political terminology or example for a leader making their crime a norm by highlighting an opponent's small mistakes?

4 votes

In what sense did Trump put a notch on his belt?

3 votes

Does an election necessarily involve selection?

2 votes

What is the neutral way to establish a Democracy?

1 vote

Proposition to make gerrymandering obsolete

-1 votes

Is it important to know the final vote count (tally) of an election very soon after Election day?