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15 votes

In Communism, what happens to property rights?

13 votes

Did Marx or some other marxist say something like war benefits the rich at the expense of the poor?

1 vote

Do any European politicians advocate shutting down American bases in Europe?

1 vote

International opinion on the fall of the USSR

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How does anarcho-communism avoid turning into anarcho-capitalism?

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Did Karl Marx support taking over the means of production by using force or violence?

1 vote

Is Fascism ideologically descended from communism?

4 votes

Why does the US not just accept North Korea's nuclear ambitions and attempt to mend relationships?

-2 votes

What are the measures that define an "independent media"?

7 votes

Why are "the rich" more able to identify the party which represent their interests than "the poor"?

4 votes

Is it possible to separate "Marxism Non-Leninism" from Marxim-Leninism?

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How would an anarchist society deal with insurgents?

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Who formulated the theory that states actively promoted capitalism?

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What laws would an anarchical country have?

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Why is there no rise of extreme-left in present-day Europe?

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Are people in favor of Brexit planning to stop visa free travel for EU citizens?