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20 votes

Why isn't bombing cities under any circumstance a war crime? Same applies to launching attacks from cities

9 votes

Is there any historical evidence of conventional (non-guerilla) warfare techniques defeating hybrid guerilla warfare cost-efficiently?

4 votes

Why do some people support Russia's war in Ukraine?

47 votes

Why is the perceived safety of some countries and the actual safety not strongly correlated? For instance, why do Croatians feel so safe?

0 votes

Why do US politicians spend so much on campaigns when the salary is not high enough to justify the expenditure?

1 vote

Why does Zelenskyy urge NATO to impose a no-fly zone?

0 votes

Is it first time in history that ongoing war was halted for few hours to evacuate people?

1 vote

Could Russia have invaded only Donetsk and Luhansk?

11 votes

Can Russia be cut off from the internet?

10 votes

Is there any other country in the world, besides the US, that erects monuments to those who took up arms against it and lost?

21 votes

Does the United States guarantee any unique freedoms?

2 votes

What is the difference between nullifying your vote and not going to vote at all?

16 votes

Why do dictators ban their people from traveling?

4 votes

Are there any examples of contested elections held to elect a king?