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58 votes

Why is it that Bernie Sanders is always called a "socialist"?

46 votes

Is there any precedent for the UK arresting a diplomat on their own soil?

35 votes

What, if anything, can disqualify one from inheriting the British throne?

26 votes

Can Prince Charles pass the throne to Prince William of his own free will?

24 votes

Will NORAD Santa tracker be affected by the government shutdown?

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When exactly did Brexit happen?

16 votes

Could Ecuador get Julian Assange out of the UK by giving him some mail to deliver?

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Do heirs to the British monarchy need to prove their fertility when they come of age to ensure the line of succession?

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Why did Hamas release these two Israeli-American hostages (but not others)?

8 votes

Does Parliament hold absolute power in the UK?

3 votes

Why is Fox News the most viewed news channel in the US?

3 votes

What if nobody wants the job as leader of the UK Conservative Party?