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35 votes

What percentage of mass shootings in the USA are actually stopped by ordinary gun-bearing Americans?

33 votes

Why are so many Americans against Obamacare?

31 votes

Isn't acknowledging the existence of God, as a state, a contradiction of the separation of Church and State?

20 votes

Why is the UK still pressing on with Brexit?

19 votes

Why is globalisation so disdained?

13 votes

Why does the US need to spy on its allies?

6 votes

Why don't many of the Republicans in the House and Senate believe in climate change?

5 votes

How do politicians scrutinize bills that are thousands of pages long?

4 votes

How do Republicans explain consistently losing the popular vote in presidential elections since 1992?

3 votes

How do Western countries get people who vote against the authorities?

1 vote

What's the rationale behind the objections to these measures against human trafficking?

0 votes

If the UK government did not follow through with Brexit what would happen?

-3 votes

When was the Second Amendment last used to fight against the US government to protect people's freedom?