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Can the so-called "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone" in Seattle be treated as an insurrection against the Federal Government?
74 votes

I'm a local, I've been in the zone the last couple days. I'm not qualified to give a legal or historical answer, but I want to make a few points about the nature of the zone, that hopefully can inform ...

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Do politicians use bug trackers or version control etc.?
29 votes

While this may not directly answer your question in a day-to-day sense, (formerly allows public access to revision history for all bills going through either chamber of the US ...

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Why did the DNC try to prevent Bernie Sanders from getting the Democratic nomination?
8 votes

The premise that he was "prevented" from winning is a little misguided, he simply never had support. By no metric was he ever close to even being the most popular Democrat politician, let alone ...

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Why are states purportedly performing assassinations with chemical and radioactive weapons?
3 votes

It's a demonstration of what they're willing to do The Korean case is especially important. The assassination was in a public airport in broad daylight. Operatives brought chemical weapons into a ...

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Why does having a soda tax seem so hard to achieve in the US?
1 votes

Almost every person in the United States (and some parts of Europe) has potable water coming out of their sinks and showers. So why do people buy sugary drinks, when it's demonstrably unhealthy, and ...

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