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69 votes

Why don't the other countries of Europe maintain as massive a military as Russia does?

17 votes

Why would Putin or Russia benefit from a weak EU or weak EU countries?

9 votes

What is the historical basis for China's claim on the South China Sea?

5 votes

Why is the US seen as the sworn enemy to the DPRK when there were many other belligerents involved in the Korean War?

5 votes

Why does the US not just accept North Korea's nuclear ambitions and attempt to mend relationships?

4 votes

Special autonomous Regions

3 votes

Is there a political theory of running state without politicians?

2 votes

Why aren't Republicans more focused on mobilizing a movement towards 'dethroning' Trump?

1 vote

Why is it that Bernie Sanders is always called a "socialist"?

1 vote

Freedom of Speech and Assembly in China