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17 votes

Why would Putin or Russia benefit from a weak EU or weak EU countries?

1 vote

Freedom of Speech and Assembly in China

1 vote

Why is it that Bernie Sanders is always called a "socialist"?

2 votes

Why aren't Republicans more focused on mobilizing a movement towards 'dethroning' Trump?

9 votes

What is the historical basis for China's claim on the South China Sea?

4 votes

Special autonomous Regions

5 votes

Why does the US not just accept North Korea's nuclear ambitions and attempt to mend relationships?

3 votes

Is there a political theory of running state without politicians?

5 votes

Why is the US seen as the sworn enemy to the DPRK when there were many other belligerents involved in the Korean War?

69 votes

Why don't the other countries of Europe maintain as massive a military as Russia does?