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Is there evidence for Col. Vindman being a "Never Trumper" at the time of his testimony?

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Is there a legal way for US presidents to extend their terms beyond two terms of four years?

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Why is China interested in Socotra Rock?

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How are states supposed to protect themselves when the National Guard is under the federal government?

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Evidence of Democratic-Republican Party Realignment Circa 1950?

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Why is there a need to prevent a racist, sexist, or otherwise bigoted vendor from discriminating who they sell to?

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What supposed dynamics within the US Green Party prevent its growth?

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Is the government just a utilities monopoly?

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The political risk of a law that allows traffic camera be installed in all intersections

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What is the importance of Andrew Brunson for the US government?

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Is fascism left or right wing?

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What prevents organizations that implements mainstream center-left, social democratic policies from becoming popular?