A popular joke in India is that when the actor named Rajinikanth's movie is released, it becomes a holiday. While I am unsure if the government does declare a holiday but several companies did declare a holiday on one occasion at least.

Did however any government of any region/country declare holiday for employees (i.e for public sector) during any popular movie release?

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    It is a question of governments. Governments do things. Governments increase tax, governments decrease tax, governments declare holiday, governments order extra day work, governments put emergency, governments ask for Twitter surveys, governments take suggestions before law implementation. Basically governments do something. I asked if some government did something. So, how would it be unfit here? I think you didn't understand the question and so you have downvoted me twice.
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Chief Minister Sarma of Assam, India declared half holiday for any public sector employee on any day of their convenience to watch the movie Kashmir Files, provided they inform their employers and produce the ticket as a proof.

Reference: https://theworldnews.net/in-news/take-half-day-holiday-if-you-want-to-watch-kashmir-files-assam-cm-to-state-govt-employees

Home Minister Mishra of Madhya Pradesh, India said the police personnel would get special leave if they want to see the same movie.

Reference: https://www.prokerala.com/news/articles/a1257984.html

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