I cannot remember the name of this failed bill. I forget if it pertained to the House or the Senate or both.

The proposed legislation essentially stated that a bill would have to be viewed in its entirety before being voted on for some number of days.

So, the question is 'what is the name of the failed bill?'. I want to be able to look it up and reference it by name.

  • Do you have an approximate timeline for this? – Joe C Aug 18 '19 at 17:34
  • @Joe I am thinking it was within the last 5 years. I also think a North Carolina Congressperson was/is a proponent of it, although I don't remember which congressional rep it was. – Roger Aug 18 '19 at 17:57

This was included in the 2010 Republican Pledge to America as "A requirement that Congress post all bills online three days before a vote." But it wasn't a bill nor even a rule change. It was just a promise about how they would do business. They dropped it before the 2012 election.

This followed a 2009 proposal to make a rule, as reported by Citizens Against Government Waste:

Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.) filed a discharge petition to force a vote on H. Res. 554, a bipartisan-backed bill that would require all non-emergency legislation to be posted online in its final form 72 hours before a vote.

H. Res. 554. In the Senate, it was S. Res. 307 and S. 1772.

Note: this does not preclude there being other initiatives before or after these. E.g. H. Res. 330 and H. Res. 230.

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