Suppose candidate X raises, through whatever legal means, a million dollars for their campaign. What, if any, ordinarily legal things does national law prevent them from spending this money on?

In particular, would a candidate be able to spend this money on stocks or other financial instruments (presumably, taking on some risk in order to hopefully accumulate more cash before election day)?

Notes: It may be legal, but inadvisable to spend money on certain items - this is fine, my question is primarily concerned with legality. State law may vary, so let's limit this to national rules. Some assumptions may be required to answer this well - feel free to ask in comments or state them in your answer.

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In the US campaign contributions can not be used for personal use. So no, they can not personally buy stocks or other financial instruments. However, the campaign can invest legally. Here's an example.


They are not able to do anything else than what they can do with it. The FEC website should have the rules of what they can do with campaign contributions.

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