Do the CDU and CSU have a significant Eurosceptic faction (either hard or soft) which is represented at either grassroots or parliamentary level? Or is support for the European project so deeply ingrained in the Christian Democratic DNA that they are uniformly supportive? I associate the Union with people who (to me as a British Eurosceptic) seem like strong EU federalists, like Elmar Brock and Angela Merkel.

**EDIT - since people have asked for definitions, I define Euroscepticism as being significantly sceptical of, or hostile to, one, some or all of the following, in increasing degree to which these represent Euroscepticism:

Movement towards pan-European political institutions, in the form of a powerful presidency, common army or unified common fiscal policy

Closer fiscal and monetary integration

Existing fiscal and monetary integration and/or continued membership of the Euro

Continued membership of the European Union itself

In other words, a broad range of Eurosceptic beliefs that run across the spectrum covered by the ECR grouping and the ID grouping.

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    There is no significant "Dexiteer" factions in the CDU/CSU. There are different views on the desirable level of integration, notably the question of common debt.
    – o.m.
    Sep 8, 2020 at 3:56
  • This seems to be in need of a more strict definition: skeptical of 'the Euro', the EU as it is, or a European integration in general? Sep 8, 2020 at 9:08

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With your definiton, yes, there are significant "Eurosceptic" factions in the CDU/CSU.

  • They oppose a common army, preferring a cooperation of national armies instead.
  • They are opposed to Eurobonds, i.e. closer fiscal and monetary union.

Personally I do not consider it appropriate to characterize these positions as "Eurosceptic."

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