According to hhs.gov, religious schools can receive government funding for non-religious activities. As with most things religion related, this seems like it could be controversial in the US, and possibly viewed by some as an attack on the k-12 system, while others would likely view it as freedom of religion.

Have any US politicians proposed completely removing funding from religious schools?

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    The page you linked to is about faith-based organizations, not specifically schools. Do religious schools really perform the kinds of social activities that receive public funding?
    – Barmar
    Dec 17 '21 at 0:10
  • The "attack on the k-12 system" is for providing funding for any schools outside the public school systems, not specifically religious schools.
    – Barmar
    Dec 17 '21 at 0:11
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    FYI, there's currently a case before SCOTUS, scotusblog.com/2021/12/…, about Maine not providing subsidies for students to attend parochial schools. They'll only pay for students to attend non-religious private schools (they do this for children who don't have any local public school).
    – Barmar
    Dec 17 '21 at 0:14
  • While slightly beyond the scope of your question, many state constitutions in the U.S. expressly prohibit state funding of religious schools (e.g. Colorado).
    – ohwilleke
    Dec 17 '21 at 21:44
  • Would you accept a libertarian politician who had proposed removing all schools from government involvement?
    – Dan
    Dec 19 '21 at 23:30

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