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Questions tagged [pacific-islands]

The term is often used to collectively refer to the countries in the Pacific Ocean Region, located between Australia, US and South China Sea.

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3 answers

What pro-French paramilitary forces exist on New Caledonia?

The news is reporting that paramilitaries are assisting police in the unrest in New Caledonia: 600 heavily armed police and paramilitaries on Sunday took part in an operation to retake the 60-...
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1 answer

Why do the Pacific Islands vote with Israel at the UN?

The UN voting pattern on Israel is quite surprising. In the latest UN General Assembly vote on Israel, we can observe: Israel and the US voted against US allies like UK, Germany, Japan, Australia, ...
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Deep sea mining, what is the international law/treaty situation?

First, the negative view: Crunch talks due on deep-sea mining controversy - BBC News Scientists fear a possible "goldrush" for precious metals beneath the oceans could have devastating ...
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9 votes
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Why did Palau choose to establish relations with ROC and not PRC in 1999?

After independence in 1994, Palau had a choice between the Republic of China (ROC, also known as Taiwan) and the People's Republic of China (PRC). PRC probably had more money or power, considering the ...
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How much are the dues for Commonwealth of Nations members?

In 2001, Nauru defaulted on its Commonwealth of Nations membership dues, but it has returned as a regular member since 2011. How are the dues for a Commonwealth of Nations member state determined? ...
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