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A set of millions of confidential documents, leaked between 2015 and 2016, containing detailed information about the use of offshore companies by wealthy individuals, allegedly including politicians.

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Outside of Iceland's PM, did the Panama Papers have any meaningful effect on high level politicians?

At the time of Panama Papers release, there were suggestions made by the press that it's a Big Deal and will lead to Great Changes in politics. The prime example they used was a nearly-instant fall ...
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Did US make any significant fiscal changes following Panama Papers disclosures?

The Panama Papers disclosure was a huge scandal, so there were many reactions. This article illustrates Barack Obama's reaction to this: Barack Obama is launching a crackdown on international tax ...
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What is 'Panama Papers' Case?

There is a case known as 'Panama Papers' due to which Pakistan's Prime Minister is being asked by the opposition to resign. What is this case and from where did it start?
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Why was Malcolm Turnbull (Prime Minister of Australia) named in the Panama Papers?

It has been reported that Malcolm Turnbull was in the Panama Papers. What records did he have and what was he using their services for.
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Can the British public request a General Election?

As some of you may know, as a result of the Panama Papers leak, David Cameron admitted that he profited from his father's Panama offshore trust. Among much confusion and anger, some members of the ...
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Can the Panama Papers land Argentinian President Macri in jail?

The Panama Papers, released on April 3rd 2016, listed the President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri. President Macri said that it was totally legal, but some argued that it was not ethical. Yesterday, he ...
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To what extent did the Panama Papers affect the outcome of the Wisconsin Democratic Primary?

A few weeks before the primary, polls showed Clinton was favored to win the Wisconsin Democratic primary. Then the Panama Papers were leaked, in many ways validating and reinforcing Sanders' campaign ...
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