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How can I determine how and who legislates drug laws?

I would like to know what process is involved in justifying the prohibition and or control of a substance and how this varies from country to country. For example, opiate based pain killers are a ...
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Why did cannabis get legalized first?

The number of drug "addicts" are about 5% of users. So most users are not even addicts. This one says 10% of users become addicts. I am sure it means 10% of illegal drug users. First, medical ...
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Why was the prohibition of intoxicating liquor enacted through a constitutional amendment?

It seems to me that a constitutional amendment is a rather heavy-handed tool to outlaw alcohol. Why wasn't it outlawed through an act of Congress? It seems to me that this is perfectly possible, ...
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Why did the US prohibit alcohol (instead of some other substance) during Prohibition

In the 1920s, why did the United States decide to prohibit alcohol instead of some other substance? There were many other substances available, presumably any of them could have been banned. Why was ...
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