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Why is the US military not taking actions against allegedly Chinese maritime militias in the South-Chinese sea?

CNN: “In this particular operation, we can actually conclude that this Chinese fishing vessel is not just a fishing vessel but a Chinese maritime militia taking orders from the Chinese coast guard to ...
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What are the actual demands by Yemeni "Houthis" for stopping the Bab Al-Mandab attacks?

Recently, Yemeni forces identified in international media as Houthis/Houthi rebels, have attacked or otherwise strong-armed commercial vessels to turn back from trying to enter the Red Sea via the Bab ...
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How does the MARITIME Act differ from or improve on the IMSC?

A UAE think tank had an article on Sep 5 saying: the US Congress is also increasingly on board with the integrated deterrence doctrine. As part of the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), ...
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Has any Western country in the (say) last 25 years threaten to retaliate militarily when a vessel not navigating under its flag was attacked?

Relating to the various attacks/seizures at sea in recent years, it seems to me Western countries draw a line between vessels formally navigating under flag of country X and those just owned by ...
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Why are there so few reactions to the Houthis' attacks on ships?

Recently, the Houthis attacked a British ship, and not for the first time. While they claim that the ships are somehow linked to Israel, they are also owned by non-Israelis, and the crew members are ...
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