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Questions tagged [law-of-the-sea]

Law of the sea is a body of international law governing the rights and duties of states in maritime environments. It concerns matters such as navigational rights, sea mineral claims, and coastal waters jurisdiction. Law of the Sea should be distinguished from maritime law, which concerns maritime issues and disputes among private parties, such as individuals, international organizations, or corporations.

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How can the US lead the ally group for protection force for the Red Sea if they are not members of the Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982? [closed]

The US had not signed the UN Convention 1982, how their leading in this role (Operation Prosperity Guardian) can be legal? They didn't ratify the Convention, they didn't ratify any agreements. Thay ...
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What doubts around the legality of the US coalition's actions in the Red Sea has the Russian representative Vasily Nebenzya exactly? [closed]

Reading this (translated), on what the Russia's Permanent Representative in the UN Security Council, Vasily Nebenzya, said at the meeting: Nebenzia said: “The so-called international maritime ...
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Why would the U.S. decision be met with ire from other countries if they used the same rules as UNCLOS to determine its extended continental shelf? The State Department said in its response to questions that ...
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Has any Western country in the (say) last 25 years threaten to retaliate militarily when a vessel not navigating under its flag was attacked?

Relating to the various attacks/seizures at sea in recent years, it seems to me Western countries draw a line between vessels formally navigating under flag of country X and those just owned by ...
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Why are there so few reactions to the Houthis' attacks on ships?

Recently, the Houthis attacked a British ship, and not for the first time. While they claim that the ships are somehow linked to Israel, they are also owned by non-Israelis, and the crew members are ...
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