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Awards, honors, medals, and prizes given to people for accomplishments done by exceptional individuals

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Where do I send a nomination for the Presidential Medal of Freedom?

I want to nominate someone posthumously for the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Where do I send my nomination?
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Bestowing honourary military appointments in the UK

In the UK, what is the process for the monarch to bestow honourary military appointments. For example, when HM Queen Elizabeth II made then Prince Charles an Admiral of the Fleet in 2012. Is it solely ...
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Is it common for former presidential advisors to go by "Honorable"?

I saw this tweet today for an event headlined by "The Honorable Jared Kushner." Kushner, a former senior advisor to Donald Trump,...
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What are the requirements for receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom?

I was reading about the Presidential Medal of Freedom and how the president of the United States awards this medal to people who have made "an especially meritorious contribution to the security or ...
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What was the stated reason for giving Trump this award?

US president Donald Trump recently received the Bipartisan Justice award for his work toward the passage of a criminal justice reform bill. This is a bit surprising in several respects. The ...
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Why was Gandhi not awarded the Nobel peace prize?

Mahatma Gandhi is known worldwide for his non-violent approach and for his efforts in gaining India's independence through peaceful methods. Many past winners have publicly acknowledged Gandhi's ...
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Has a Nobel Peace laureate ever been accused of war crimes?

Nobel Prizes aren't without controversy, and I was wondering if a Nobel Peace laureate has ever been accused of war crimes. For the purpose of this question, I will accept accusations of war crimes ...
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Why do people care about the Nobel peace prize?

It is obvious that the Nobel peace prize is a major aspect of international politics. It can be used to set the political discourse, to drive an agenda, to bring awareness, to influence or enforce ...
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What's the difference between being awarded the Presidential Medal Of Freedom with distinction/without?

I saw yesterday Joe Biden Jr, was awarded the presidential medal of freedom to which I'd never really saw anything about it before. So I was doing some reading around and noticed that awarded with ...
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Have any Marxists won the Nobel Prize in the last 50 years?

Have any avowed Marxists recently won the Nobel Prize, or any other significant economic recognition award?
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