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Questions tagged [sudan]

Questions related to the government or politics of the Republic of the Sudan.

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10 votes
5 answers

Why is there such a high uncertainty about the death toll in the Sudanese civil war?

According to this article (cited by Wikipedia article on the Sudanese civil war): “We literally don’t know how many people have died, possibly to a factor of 10 or 15. The number was mentioned ...
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Has the US said anything about the alleged UAE support for the RSF?

Various news media in Qatar but also elsewhere is full of stories of how the UAE allegedly supports the RSF in Sudan, thus [it is claimed] prolonging the civil war there. The UAE officially seems to ...
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4 votes
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Do the various African state organizations plan to do anything about the projected man-made famine in Sudan?

According to the UN WFP, the RSF is stealing food on a massive scale in Sudan, including the seeds for future crops. The WFP paused their distribution due to said theft. Various other organizations ...
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Is there any division between the RSF and the Sudan military besides a purely political one?

The fighting (I guess we can call it civil war by now) has been going strong in Sudan for months now, between the RSF and the army. Besides having different leaders etc., which I'm sure all want power,...
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What (if any) was the US position on the destination of the weapon shipment on the Klos C, seized in 2014?

Israel said the weapons on the Klos C, boarded in 2014, were headed for Gaza. Speaking to the press at Eilat port, in view of the ship's deadly cargo, Prime Minister Netanyahu noted - in both Hebrew ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Is Darfur genocide religious/racial in nature?

It seems to me that political correctness obfuscates objective presentation of the Darfur genocide. I have heard oral narratives that frame it in terms of race (Arab vs Black) and religion [Muslim vs ...
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Why was no significant action taken against Omar al-Bashir even after the ICC issued an arrest warrant for genocide?

No western power undertook perceptible actions or investigations, even in three separate counts of genocide for which the ICC issued its second warrant against al-Bashir. While al-Bashir was in power, ...
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Why would the Sudanese protest movement insist on a 3-year period before elections?

On BBC's website, there'a an article entitled Sudan crisis: What you need to know. Some of what's said in there sounds kind of off to me. So, a protest movement has pushed the military leadership to ...
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