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Puerto Rico is a set of islands in the Caribbean Sea, classified as an unincorporated, unorganized territory of the United States. Unlike most of the United States, the primary language spoken by most of the population is Spanish. It has long been the subject of an ongoing attempt at becoming a US state. Use this tag for questions about the island's politics and efforts to change its status, such as proposals for US statehood or independence.

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Why is the total fertility rate so low in Puerto Rico?

The World Bank estimate of 2018 puts the Puerto Rico which is ranked separately from the U.S. in 199th place out of 185 sovereign states and 15 separately listed dependencies in total fertility rate (...
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What are the possible downsides for Puerto Ricans if Puerto Rico becomes a state?

My impression from reading about Puerto Rican views on statehood is that besides the pro-statehood and the pro-independence camp, there also is significant support for the status quo. Of course, some ...
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Is there precedent for Puerto Rico being admitted as state with such high levels of internal disagreement?

In the most recent (nonbinding) 2020 referendum, Puerto Ricans voted for statehood by a 52.5% to 47.5% margin. Including abstentions, the margin was 50.8% to 49.2%. And of course, you have to account ...
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Why does Puerto Rico have representation in the house, but not in the senate?

Puerto Rico has representation in the US house, albeit non-voting. Only having the right to speak and debate on the floor and votes in committee. But why does Puerto Rico not have coinciding ...
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Why is it that an American in Timbuktu can vote for president but an American in San Juan cannot?

I was surprised to learn that Puerto Ricans, despite living in a US territory, were not entitled to vote in the presidential elections. I was even more surprised to learn that US citizens are allowed ...
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What does a black-and-white Puerto Rican flag signify?

In the following NY Times article I noticed that the photo of a large number of people protesting included a fair number of black-and-white Puerto Rican flags as well as a larger number of red, white &...
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How would the United States of America grant Puerto Rico statehood?

Given the existence of the statehood movement in Puerto Rico, what would need to happen for Puerto Rico to be the 51st State of the U.S.A.? After their last hurricane, how would the help from the US ...
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Why does the Puerto Rico governor get to forcefully pass bills rejected by their house and senate votes via a executive order?

I recently heard that the governor of Puerto Rico forced a bill to pass regarding charging for grocery bags, via an executive order, after the bill was voted down by both the house and the senate. ...
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What are the arguments for keeping the Jones Act, and who is making them?

Since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, there was a growing call to suspend the Jones Act, which imposes protectionist limits preventing any foreign ships from carrying goods between American ...
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Puerto Rico's political parties and statehood

What would happen to Puerto Rico's political parties if it became the 51st state? Is there any historical precedent for what happens?
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How much of Puerto Rico's economy is held by mainland individuals and companies?

Puerto Rico was once a Spanish colony, then a US sort-of-a-colony, then a commonwealth with citizenship. I know US agribusiness invested heavily in setting up/expanding a sugar cane industry on the ...
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Why would people protest the Puerto Rico statehood referendum by boycotting?

I was confused by the logic of the Puerto Rico boycott of the statehood referendum. While it's true that 97% voted for statehood, that represents a paltry 23% of the residents in total From the NY ...
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If Puerto Rico becomes the 51st U.S state, would the U.S flag be altered to include 51 stars?

In the event that Puerto Rico becomes the 51st American state, will this result in the alteration to the U.S flag to include 51 stars instead of 50? I'm not from the U.S, but one of those ubiquitous ...
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Different Roles in US House of Representatives

What's the difference between these three? In particular between the second and third one: Representative for a state Delegate for a territory Resident Comissioner of a territory
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If Puerto Rico votes to become USA's 51st state, what effect would it have on Spanish being the primary official language?

Currently, Spanish is the main official language of Puerto Rico: P. Rico Senate declares Spanish over English as first official language The Puerto Rican Senate approved a bill Thursday declaring ...
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Have federal control boards been successful?

The House Committee on Natural Resources recently approved a bill with the purpose of solving the Puerto Rico fiscal crisis. It creates a federal oversight board (PROMESA), which will have the ability ...
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What are the conditions and benefits of U.S. insular properties like Puerto Rico? [closed]

I always wanted to know which is the legal status of the associated states of United States like Puerto Rico. Who is the state head, of this kind of territory? Why can't they vote for the United ...