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Questions tagged [presidential-term]

Presidents are typically elected for a fixed term, and sometimes are limited to a certain number of terms. Use for questions about the limits of presidential terms, and the various mechanisms surrounding the terms themselves.

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Requiring a larger majority for re-election

In many countries, there is an upper bound on how much time the same person can be a president. For example, in the USA the upper bound is 8 years. This has the advantage of letting more people hold ...
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Is there any law that prohibits a 3rd presendential term? [duplicate]

Is there an actual law prohibiting a 3rd precedential term by a US President. I wonder because Roosevelt did 4 terms. There was a world war that made an exception prudent. No lack of mitigating ...
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How common is for presidential term extensions to be bundled with other issues in referendums?

By presidential term extensions, I mean broadly measures like: allowing more terms than before, extending their length, and even allowing special purpose measures that effectively apply the previous ...
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Has President Joe Biden made any public statements on wanting to run for a second term?

Joe Biden, being older than any other serving US president in history, arguably has a more realistic option of simply retiring after a single term than his younger predecessors did Has President Joe ...
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Can an exiting US president curtail access to Air Force One from the new president?

So, suppose a US president whose term is scheduled to end, schedule a long flight on board US Air Force One on the same day that the new president is to be swore in - is he allowed to do that, and if ...
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Can any president win an election and then lose an election and then win an election? [duplicate]

Can any president win an election and then lose an election and then win an election? Has any president ever done this in the past?
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Doesn't the 22nd amendment prevent Donald Trump from running for president again in 2024?

In multiple news articles such as ones here and here, they mention Donald Trump running for president in 2024 because it is projected Joe Biden will be president starting 2021. I thought the 22nd ...
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Does the US have 2 presidents until Jan 20?

With Joe Biden winning the presidential election, what kind of power does he have until Jan 20? What can he effectively do? In this question "Has Joe Biden made any promises to revert Trump's US ...
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If VP becomes POTUS, how often can he be elected as president afterwards [duplicate]

In the USA one can only be president for two legislative periods. Also, when a president is removed from office or dies, the vice president becomes president. Does this count as the VP's first term or ...
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Is the US unique in a voted-out president staying in power so long? [duplicate]

In the US system, it is approximately 6 weeks between the presidential election and the actual handing over of power to the winner. It seems surprising that executive power is retained so long by a ...
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Would a President get to fill a Supreme Court vacancy just after he lost an election in November/December?

Suppose an incumbent President loses an election in November and a supreme court vacancy were to emerge right after his loss but before the swearing-in of his successor. Would he be able to fill this ...
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Can Trump stay in offices if he loses the election? [duplicate]

A Newsweek article: “How Trump Could Lose the Election– and Still Remain President.” Is it possible for Trump, if he loses the election, to claim election fraud and have the results thrown out so ...
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Term limits for vice president already having served as president [duplicate]

If a person becomes Vice President of the United States of America and the President dies after his 2nd year in office and the Vice President becomes President and serves for the remaining two years, ...
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Is there a legal way for US presidents to extend their terms beyond two terms of four years?

If I remember correctly in one Episode of Stargate SG-1, the president of the United States declares some state of national emergency (world was attacked by aliens) and was able to suspend elections, ...
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In the US, can a former president run again?

In the US, can a former president run for president again, at a later time? Does it matter, whether his first presidency was one or two terms? Note: This is inspired from the TV Series "Designated ...
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Can the US president change TIME to avoid leaving the office? [closed]

The 20th Amendment (article 1) of the US Constitution states that The terms of the President and Vice President shall end at noon on the 20th day of January, and the terms of Senators and ...
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In parliamentary democracies, why does the President have a term limit, while the Prime Minister does not?

As an example, German Presidents are limited to two terms of five years and have little power in practice. However the German Chancellor is not limited by term limits despite having more power and ...
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How could a lack of term limits lead to a "dictatorship?"

I read this question on why countries impose term limits on leaders, but it seems that the answer is not what I wanted. The reason is basically "to prevent a dictatorship." The only issue is, the ...
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Legally speaking in the United States, could a former two-term president be vice president? [duplicate]

Legally speaking, is there any laws against a former president that has served 2 terms from being vice president?
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What does "Renewable once, consecutively" presidential term limit mean?

The German president limit limit is "Renewable once, consecutively". Does this mean the he can only be re-elected once and only if immediately after his first term. OR Does it mean that he can be ...
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Is it possible to call an Early Election in the US?

In the hypothetical case that every member of the government (president and vice president included) wanted to call an early election, replacing the sitting president and vice president, would they be ...
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What is meant by "term" for presidency in US? [duplicate]

When it is said a single term or two term president then does it means that the president was elected for the office of President one time or two time or did the president was in his position for 4 ...
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Why is "president for life" in China such a big deal?

"Great Leap Backward" was the title announcing the term limit removal in China. This BBC article tells us more about this: The constitution has been altered to allow Xi Jinping to remain as ...
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Can an impeached President run for a second term?

Suppose Congress successfully impeaches and removes a sitting President of the USA. Can this person still run for a second term? Assuming the usual rules about term limits are observed, of course.
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How many terms can a former vice-president president serve?

If a president were to be unable to serve, with the vice-president becoming president, how many terms would they be able to run/serve for? Say the president is unable to serve 2 years into their ...
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Is there any evidence that different length terms-of-office would be more effective for a President w.r.t. global policy?

The establishment of a 4 year term has been long established as the de facto precedent for term limits for a state/global influencer. It's cultural, and (perhaps a globally) integrated mindset. That ...
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Can the current President of the United States block the transfer of their office to the next elected president?

As indicated by commentary in the news, a considerable amount of people seem concerned about who wins the U.S. Presidential election. For this reason we have for example articles like this Op-Ed in LA ...
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Three Term US Presidential Loophole

I've heard about there being a a two-term US Presidential limit since after FDR left there was law put into place to enforce this. I also know that in the event that the elected US President passes ...
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Is a Vice President term limited in the same way the President is?

In other words can a vice-president serve as vice-president for 3 or more terms? Just wondering if Joe Biden could be Hillary Clinton's running mate
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On what grounds can President Obama run for a third time?

Only one president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, has ever served more than two terms. A while ago President Obama has announced that he will not run a third time and said: "even if the 22nd Amendment ...
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What defines a presidential term in the USA?

What counts as a term as President of the United States? When the Vice President takes over after an assassination or resignation, does that count as a term? If the VP then decided to run ...
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Proper use of the word 'term' for U.S. Presidents

This is a two part question: 1) First, is it correct to say that the two presidencies of Nixon and Ford constitute two 'presidential terms' (and not one split-up term)? 2) If so, I need a word or ...
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Can a foreign-born adopted child become President of the United States?

Can a foreign-born adopted child of an American family become President of the United States? The relevant text, from Article 2, Section 1 of the US constitution says: No Person except a natural ...
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Hypothetical challenge to the 22nd Amendment

What if, for whatever odd reason (disregarding the extreme unlikeliness of this ever happening), a two-term President of the United States was elected to a third term by popular write-in vote? What ...
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What are the constitutional options for the presidency of Venezuela?

In Venezuela exist a big uncertainty about what will happen with the health of the president Hugo Chávez, the problem is that the old-term presidency finishes at 10-January and it's possible that the ...
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