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Questions relating to the government or politics of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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Why is Azerbaijan suddenly allied with Russia?

The United States wants to continue holding some capability in the area to threaten to penetrate the North Caucacus, which would be a dangerous and unlikely maneuver. The Russians are not dismissing ...
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Why and how did PACE challenge Azerbaijan's credentials?

Reportedly The delegation of Azerbaijan said it was suspending cooperation with the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) following recent developments that led to deteriorating ...
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Has Azerbaijan announced plans to repopulate Khankendi (formerly Stepanakert)?

There was a bunch of reporting from Stepanakert-cum-Khankendi a month ago, showing it virtually devoid of population, since the Armenians practically all fled. I alas could find any news in English ...
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Did Putin publicly condemn the blockade of Nagorno-Karabakh?

Recently Putin compared the siege of Gaza with that of Leningrad (during WW2), in order to express his concern about the civilian population there. I've been trying to find what terms of comparison ...
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US reaction against Azerbaijan and Turkey on the Armenia issue

Ilham aliyev have claimed that the territory of the modern Armenian republic belongs to Azerbaijan and call it Western Azerbaijan. Regarding latest developments on the issue and Turkey's complete ...
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What were the stated goals/job of the Russian peacekeepers in Nagorno-Karabakh?

PM Pashinian blamed the recent success of the Azerbaijani offensive on the failure of Russian peacekeepers. On Thursday, in a televised address, the Armenian Prime Minister accused Russia, a ...
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What is the status of the Zangezur corridor after Artsakh capitulation?

According to Azerbaijan and Turkey, in the ceasefire agreements of the 2020 war of Azerbaijan against Artsakh, Armenia had allow a land corridor to Nakhichevan, a so called Zangezur corridor. What is ...
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How is Turkmenistan exporting gas to Azerbaijan?

According to the "Turkmen Portal", Turkmenistan was the main gas exporter to Azerbaijan in 2022: Declared gas imports to Azerbaijan in 2022 amounted to 1 billion 16 million 423,6 thousand ...
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What is the reason behind the positive Israel-Azerbaijan relations?

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations on on April 7, 1992, Azerbaijan and Israel have maintained positive relations despite their religious differences. Israel has been a major arms and ...
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Is Nagorno-Karabakh recognized as Azerbaijani territory by the West?

Prior to the war of 2020 it seems like Nagorno-Karabakh remained recognized as Azerbaijani territory by most international organizations. Does this remain the case after the war? Have there been any ...
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Why do Turkey and Azerbaijan have very close relations even though they are Sunni and Shia respectively?

In general, we see that Sunni and Shia sects in Islam do not get along very well. Why do Turkey and Azerbaijan have very close relations even though they are Sunni and Shia, respectively?
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What are the political obstacles to the resurrection of the Nabucco pipeline from Azerbaijan?

As already reported by another question the Russian state-owned energy company Gazprom has ceased gas deliveries to Poland and Bulgaria. The problem with alternative supplies is that they are few and ...
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What made Azerbaijan confident it could freely initiate the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh conflict without the intervention of Russia?

On 27 September 2020, conflict reignited over the semi-autonomous region of Nagorno-Karabakh. It is stated that this most recent fighting was instigated by Azerbaijan (Source). Furthermore, Armenia is ...
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What regions do Yukhari, Yukhari Karabakh, Upper Karabakh, and Nagorno Karabakh refer to, respectively?

I found sources referring to Yukhari, to the Yukhari-Karabakh Economic Region, the Upper Karabakh Economic Region, and to Nagorno-Karabakh. The terms Yukhari, Yukhari-Karabakh, Upper Karabakh, and ...
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What is the United States' true 'real politik' position on the recent Armenian-Azerbaijan conflict?

The re-emergence of hostilities in 2020 between Armenia and Azerbaijan reportedly resulted in thousands of casualties for both sides; while I do not want to comment on the orgins of the conflict and ...
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What did Georgia do during the Azerbaijan-Armenian War?

There are three "Caucasian Nations", and two of them were fighting. But there is almost no news about the other one - Georgia. What did it do during the war? Did it support any of the two, ...
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Did Armenian forces leave Kalbajar region by 15 November, as specified in peace treaty?

According to news outlets, the peace treaty between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the Upper Karabakh requires Armenian forces to vacate previously occupied regions of Azerbaijan that are adjacent to ...
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What has Azerbaijan said it is going to do with the Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh?

Before it declared independence in 1991 as the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (later the Republic of Artsakh), the region of Nagorno-Karabakh was a self-governing administrative division of the Azerbaijan ...
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Why is Turkey allied with Azerbaijan instead of with Armenia?

In the current conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Turkey supports the latter. What made them choose one over the other?
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Did any country indicate support for Armenia in the ongoing conflict with Azerbaijan? Do they have any potential allies?

It seems that Turkey, Pakistan and Ukraine have indicated support for Azerbaijan (actually, Pakistan even does not recognize Armenia). Israel also seems to be inclined in favor of Azerbaijan due to ...
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Which country made the drones Azerbaijan uses against Armenia?

In the last two days, I am seeing Azerbaijan is effectively using drones against Armenia. Which country made these drones?
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Does Azerbaijan have overland access to Nakhichevan?

Nakhichevan is a part of Azerbaijan physically separated from it, but occupied by the same ethnic group, Turks. However, it is surrounded by countries hostile to Turkey. Does Azerbaijan have any ...
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