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Generally used in [democracy], populism is a political philosophy that promising voters things, even if they cannot be delivered upon, will result in electoral wins. Use to discuss the philosophy itself and the various attempts as using it to sway elections.

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Could opposition parties in the Netherlands form a coalition against Geert Wilders?

Geert Wilders' PVV party appears to have taken the largest number of seats in the Dutch election. However, thirty seven seats is far short of the 76 needed for a majority in the 150 seat parliament, ...
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Is there research towards how conservatives parties in Europe benefit from using right-wing populism?

I was wondering if there was political science research into if there is a correlation between politicians copying narratives of right-wing parties. And, ideally also if this is successful in winning ...
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Why do Right Wing populists despise the Globalism aspect of Neoliberalism but endorse its domestic economic policies?

the rise of the Alt-Right can be best understood as a reaction against the technocracy of Neoliberalism that promotes cross border trade, market fundamentalism, austerity, global institutions etc. So ...
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Why do populists and dictators sometimes lie so ridiculously that it's obvious it's untrue?

Why do populists and dictators sometimes lie so ridiculously that it's entirely obvious it's untrue? What purpose do such blatant lies serve if no one takes them seriously? Examples of extremely ...
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Are there groups or parties considered far-right but not populist?

Some authors reject that populism is even a terribly meaningful concept, but leaving aside that general rejection, for those who admit that populism is "a thing" and likewise admit that the ...
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Do far-right parties get a disproportionate amount of media coverage, and why?

Anecdotally speaking, it feels like the following parties get a disproportionate amount of media coverage (where "disproportionate" merely means large compared to the proportion of the vote ...
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Does HC Strache appeal to a meaningfully different section of Austrian society from the FPÖ?

Austrian populist-right politician HC Strache led his own campaign for the Viennese municipal elections which took place on Sunday. People who aren't followers of Austrian politics may not be aware ...
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Is there an elaboration on Roger Martelli's conclusion that left-populism is doomed to fail?

In reading an article about Chantal Mouffe's work, some of which advocated for left-populism, I found this bit interesting: According to Mouffe, who is also a philosopher of art, only Jean-Luc ...
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In what ways is Marxism not (left-wing) populism?

On a certain level, Cas Mudde's definition of populism (the most accepted in academia today, it seems), namely an ideology that considers society to be ultimately separated into two homogeneous ...
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How long has populism been associated with the Republican Party [closed]

Donald Trump has been described as a populist, yet he imposes high tariffs on China. He has gained bipartisan support for this, but there are Republicans who do disagree. Populists, from what I've ...
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Are there some details on what issues Romanian Social Democrats blamed on Soros?

According to a NYT article: In many ways, the struggle in Romania echoes the political drama playing out in other parts of the world, where leaders touting a populist agenda tapped into deep public ...
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Is there a benefit to limiting immigration to the UK? [closed]

One of main reasons people voted for Brexit was to restrict immigration. Is there actually a benefit to limiting immigration to the UK? Are there any studies available on this topic?
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12 votes
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What is the opposite of populism?

The Guardian (a UK newspaper) is running a series on populism. Among other things, it has a quiz, which places you in a 2-dimensional political map, with axes being how populist and left/right-wing. ...
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Why do moderate parties and their leaders fail?

I have always had this question in my mind, but with the latest developments in Italy it seems to be a rather common pattern. In the rare case a moderate politician wins the elections, is overthrown ...
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Can "Anti-establishment" be considered a coherent political movement?

There seems to be a long running trend in established democracies that traditional parties and candidates are losing ground to those who primarily profile themselves as "anti-establishment". ...
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What connects successful enterpreneurs and populism?

Many of the representatives of the 21st century populism turn out to be business leaders (like Trump, O'Leary, Babiš). What is the most accepted theory on why is it so among political science scholars?...
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Why does the Dutch PVV oppose spending on innovation?

From the electoral manifesto of the Dutch Partij voor de Vrijheid (PVV): Geen geld meer naar ontwikkelingshulp, windmolens, kunst, innovatie, omroep, enz. which means No money anymore to ...
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How does a very developed country become permeable to populism?

Recently, I have seen some TV news about elections in Netherlands and how a political analyst explained about the populists recent success. This article tells about the elections to come and touches ...
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Why is populism seen as being negative or bad?

The definition that I found for populism is "support for the concerns of ordinary people". Democracy is form of government where the people rule by majority. If Democracy is considered to be "good", ...
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How does the alt-right differ from the far-right?

Based on my assessment of the 'alt-right', their values and beliefs do not differ significantly from that of more classic far-right populism/nationalism. They oppose immigration. They are ...
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What were the events that led to the anti-establishment candidates we are seeing run for office?

Why are so many people interested in the 2016 US presidential election? It seems as if people are turning out in huge numbers just for the primaries. This is the first time I caucused, which is true ...
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