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What qualities or factors contribute to Qatar being considered a suitable mediator between Venezuela and the United States?

Venezuela somehow swims in the circles of Hamas and Hezbollah. Qatar was a mediator between US/Israel and Hamas. Connect the dots. Also, Venezuela has bad relations with most Latin America, except the ...
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Has the Niger junta explained why they expelled French but not US troops?

The coup that happened in Niger in 2023 is in big part due to the security situation in the region. To sum it up: Jihadist operation in the region pushed French army to intervene in 2013, as there are ...
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Has the Niger junta explained why they expelled French but not US troops?

Reportedly, the junta publicly claimed that the French troops were involved in preparing to militarily restore the deposed president. (As they said nothing of the kind about the US troops, we're left ...
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What was (roughly) the frequency of official Hamas visits to Moscow during the Trump presidency?

Hamas leaders began regularly visiting Russia in March of 2006, just weeks after taking power in Gaza. As both powers are allies of the current regime in Iran, it is at minimum an enemy-of-my-enemy ...
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Why doesn't Russia join NATO and what would happen if it tried?

If you believe the recently declassified conversation between Yeltsin and Clinton, then Russia did try to join NATO, but this offer from Russia was rejected or ignored, depending on how to interpret ...
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